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Welcome to the VBook, Extern’s innovative and exciting new project which showcases some of the leading work being carried out across Northern Ireland’s Voluntary social work sector.

On this website you will find a diverse and insightful range of written materials and resources provided by leading social work practitioners.

Whilst co-ordinated by Extern - who were successful in applying for funding from the Strategy for Social Work: Improving and Safeguarding Social Wellbeing, which has responsibility for the strategic direction of social work in Northern Ireland - this project is designed to be a collaboration across the Voluntary Sector with academic support from Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University.

The Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) were also involved in developing the project from the beginning, with a view to making links with the Professional in Practice (PiP) Framework.

Bringing the VBook to fruition would also not have been possible without help from Bryson Charitable Group, The Salvation Army, Barnardo’s, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University and NISCC, who, along with Extern, formed the VBook Steering Group which designed and drove the project forward.

Developing and shaping the written content was central to this project. To this end authors were recruited and put through a programme of writing workshops facilitated by our academic partners. They were further supported throughout to produce interesting and innovative chapters which have been reviewed and edited by members of the steering group.

This has been a learning experience for all involved. The project has required high levels of commitment, especially from the authors who continued to work in complex and challenging environments while carrying out their writing duties at the same time.

It is our vision that the VBook will continue to recruit and support authors to produce content that represents the changing nature of social work within the voluntary sector. Authors will be supported through the Voluntary Sector PiP process so that both current and future submissions can be used to claim professional requirements through the PiP Framework.

The vision for the VBook is that it will grow and develop into a vibrant resource which encourages voluntary sector social workers to share their specialist knowledge and skills with their peers across every sector, and not only in Northern Ireland, but also beyond, to a global online audience. 


We also hope that it will inform and inspire social workers who are interested in making the move to work in this diverse and challenging sector.

We are confident these chapters will provide readers with a real insight and increased understanding of the diverse, challenging and ever-changing nature of social work practice in the Voluntary Sector in Northern Ireland.

We hope you enjoy this resource.

Kate Harrison: Co-Editor

Gillian McAuley: Co Editor

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